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      • 产品名称: 00series
      • 产品编号: 标准电阻/电阻箱00series
      • 产品概况 00series?Very high accuracy decade boxes with?versatile wide ohm range??


      Very high accuracy decade boxes with versatile wide ohm range



      Key Features

      High accuracy 0.01% and high performance

      Suitable for Pt100 and tranducer simulation

      5, 6 and 8 decades

      Long term stability <20ppm/year

      Low temperature co-efficient<3ppm/°C

      Gold-plated switch contacts and solid copper input terminals

      Negligible thermal E.M.F.s

      Lightweight / small size

      Certificate of conformity

      In-house test figures (optional) Ideal For

      Engineering departments


      Calibration houses



      A versatile range of resistance decade boxes available in 5, 6 & 8 decades. High accuracy and wide range 0.001Ω to 11 MΩ are combined in a compact lightweight metal case. The switches have gold plated contacts to ensure a low contact resistance and negligible thermal E.M.F. Some models employ the Waidner Wolf technique to eliminate any errors due to switch contact resistance and are particularly suited to Pt100 simulation with resolution as low as 0.001Ω (»0.0025°C).