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      • 产品名称: SINEAX TVD825
      • 产品编号: Isolating Amplifier SINEAX TVD82
      • 产品概况 SINEAX TVD825DC-signal duplicator (current/voltage)???

      SINEAX TVD825

      DC-signal duplicator (current/voltage)   

      SINEAX TVD825

      The purpose of the signal converter / duplicator SINEAX TVD825 is to electrically insulate input and output signals, respectively to amplify and / or change the signal level or type (current or voltage) of the input signals.  

      SINEAX TVD825

      4 way insulation (1500 V AC) between power supply, input, output 1 and output 2

      Input programmable via DIP-switches for current, voltage, temperature (RTD, TC) or potentiometer

      2 independent outputs programmable via DIP-switches for current (active and passive connection) and voltage

      Possibility to power the sensor at input current (max 17 V DC)